Debby Bellingham

A voice that tells the truth: you are beautiful and broken and totally accepted by God.

Meet Debby

Hello! Thanks for wanting to get to know me a little better. Your time is precious, so I’ll be brief.

What you absolutely need to know about me is that I wake up every morning eager to hear God’s voice of love and then to share it with my world through my words and actions. I am a work in progress. I admit I screw up, I am broken. But I also admit I am beloved and beautiful. So are you! I don’t claim to be perfect. I just claim to belong to Jesus.

I would love to be your companion as you walk the path toward your true home, God’s love. I gladly give away the insights and awarenesses that move my heart toward this same destination.

You can keep reading <here> to learn about my credentials and experience or take a couple of minutes to watch the <short video> and get a feel for my voice and my heart.

As I write this, I am praying for the ones who will read it, that they will know they are God’s beloved child, in whom God is well pleased.

With you on the journey,