Debby Bellingham

A voice that tells the truth: you are beautiful and broken and totally accepted by God.

Meet Debby

Hello! Thanks for wanting to get to know me a little better. Your time is precious, so I’ll be brief. What you absolutely need to know about me is that I wake up every morning eager to hear God’s voice of love and then to share it with my world through my words and actions. I am a work in progress. I admit, I screw up and I am broken. But I also admit that I am beloved and beautiful. So are you! I don’t claim to be perfect. I just claim to belong to Jesus.

I would love to be your companion as you walk the path toward your true home, God’s love. I gladly give away the insights and awarenesses that move my heart toward this same destination. Feel free to visit this page or read the FAQ in the sidebar to learn about my credentials and experience or take a couple of minutes to watch the video below or on vimeo to get a feel for my voice and my heart. As I write this, I am praying for the ones who will read it, that they will know they are God’s beloved child, in whom God is well pleased.

With you on the journey,

(415) 992-1087

Spiritual Director

Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship between a person who desires to be more attentive to his or her spiritual life and a spiritual director. As your Spiritual Director, Debby helps facilitate your connection with God, helps you notice God’s activity in your life, and prays with and for you. During your regular time together, Debby will create space for you to do what your heart longs to do but your busy life doesn’t make it easy to accomplish, seeking and listening to God’s voice of love.

“Through spiritual direction with Debby I am learning to sit quietly with God and understand His extraordinary love for me in the midst of my brokenness. I am different. I am being changed. Thanks Debby for directing me through this journey.” ~ Tonya L. Dantuma, PhD., CCC-SLP, Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Biola University

Retreat Leader

Retreats at Wind Hill Farm vary in length of time depending on the amount of people participating and the subject matter. However, whatever the focus is, you’ll have the chance to learn of God’s great love through her teaching, experience authentic fellowship with each other, and just enjoying hanging out with God. Debby is also willing and able to bring her gifts and skills to your own church or preferred retreat setting. See retreat page for more details.

“Debby’s retreats are a unique and powerful experience. God uses her in such a way that I experience Him through all my senses. I still hold tightly to the lessons and thoughts God has shown me during those retreats. It’s huge to me in my walk and fellowship with my Lord. I look forward to the ‘next one’ every time. Thanks Debby for giving yourself to the growth of others and God’s work. ” ~ Sheila Dunning


Debby communicates God’s love through her vulnerable and truth-telling writing style. She regularly writes essays on her blog, publishes a subscription based daily prayer and seasonal devotionals that can also be accessed via facebook, and has authored several books and guest-blogs on various websites.

“[Debby] has been God’s heart and whisper of truth to my soul. God has used her to move mountains in my life to allow new, fresh and vibrant growth to emerge! ~ Aubrey Philbrick